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Ruian Jinmeilun Construction Hardware Co.,Ltd. Is a set design, development, production, sales window hardware for the integrated enterprise. Our products are all kinds of handle, aluminum, door locks, hinges, jaw, lock, latch, handle and multi-point locks and wall corners hinge.
The company "quality first, reputation-based, customer first, sincere service" quality policy, to meticulous operation and excellent attentive service win the trust of the new and old customers, warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit us. Strive to provide superior product quality and sincere service, maintaining a good reputation to achieve the expectations of customers, to win the market and business opportunities, win the development and future.


力求提供卓越的產品品質、真誠的服務,維護良好的信譽來 實現顧客的期望

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Ruian Jinmeilun Construction Hardware Co.,Ltd

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